Stop Trump: Phase Two


We live in a democracy, even if one of our Presidential candidates would like to forget that, and we still have a voice as constituents of this nation. We also have the power of the vote, both for the Presidency as well as all elected offices in the land. These people we elect are not only our representatives, but our public servants. It is their duty to perform their job based on the calls of their citizens.

With that being said, those that oppose Trump can weigh in with your elected officials in Congress and let them know that any Trump endorsement will cost them a vote in the next election. Currently, there are 24 Republican Senators up for re-election in 2016, and only an 8 member majority in the Senate. Please make the pledge to contact your elected Senator in your state and let them know that they will lose your vote if they endorse Trump.

In the House, every seat is up for re-election every year. That’s 229 Republicans on the ballots this year, with a 44 member majority in the House. Contact your House Representative to let them know the same. You will not accept Trump, and any endorsement or pledge to Trump will be a vote that they lose. For the #NeverTrump movement in California, New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, you already have House members that have endorsed Trump:


Right now, if you live in these states, I urge you to contact Duncan Hunter of California, Chris Collins of New York, Tom Marino of Pennsylvania, or Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee, and let them know your disappointment in their endorsement. Let them know that they do not represent your views, and that they lost a vote in their re-election bid. Urge others to do the same in your community. Contact their opponents and let them know that the incumbent lost a supporter, and ask what their pledge is in the election.

If you’d like to be proactive and stop another endorsement, you can contact your representatives in Congress to let them know their Trump support will cost them a vote.

My sample letter (feel free to copy or use as a guide to write your own):

Good afternoon,

I want to thank you for not pledging support for, or endorsing, current Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

I do not feel that Mr. Trump is fit to serve this country as President. I feel his campaign is bringing the ugliest part of America to the stage, and it is dangerous for the Republican party, as well as our country.

I feel his domestic policy grows the federal government and shrinks state control. His economic policy will be costly, and will not serve to grow this country. The tariffs have been tried and have failed. His immigration stance is inhumane and unfeasible. His foreign policy is dangerous, and I fear it will get us into unnecessary conflict.

As a registered Republican in Texas, I vow not to support Mr. Trump in any way, shape or form. I will not vote Republican in the election if Mr. Trump receives the nomination. I will vote for the Libertarian or Democratic candidate.

Further, I will not support any of my elected officials in future elections if they pledge support for or endorse Mr. Trump in any way. That means 1 less vote in future elections.

I hope you take my opinion and the opinion of the rest of your constituency into consideration when it comes to pledging support and endorsing a Presidential candidate for 2016.

Thank you.

We’ll next examine local officials who have pledged support and/or endorsement for Trump. We’ll get to that tomorrow, however, because the work needs to be done on the national level first. Please commit to contacting every Congressional representative in your state and jurisdisction that is up for re-election in the 2016 election cycle. Please let them know that you do not support Trump in any way, shape or form, and use your vote to get them to pledge the same.

This is the power we have, so let’s use it!


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