Stop Trump: Next Steps


The Super Tuesday, part Two primaries (or, rather, the Ides of March primaries) gave almost a landslide victory of delegates to Trump’s campaign – primarily due to winner-take-all and winner-take-most primaries held in Florida, Illinois, and Missouri, while still hovering around the 35% popular vote. Last night’s loss in Florida also caused Marco Rubio to suspend his campaign and effectively drop out of the race. And then there were three. John Kasich earned his first state victory, with his home-state winner-take all primary in Ohio. This move was the move that most pundits thought would all-but-secure a brokered convention. It still may, but that they failed to recognize was the damage to be done by the winner-take-most states of Illinois and Missouri.

This year’s election really calls for some scrutiny in winner-take-all primary contests. Perhaps a few states need to re-examine their delegate selections for the future. Perhaps the GOP needs to examine the primary schedule and delegate allottment. Forget immigration reform, the new top platform of the GOP should be election reform. A candidate with a simple plurality of popular vote shouldn’t be the one winning it all – especially if the candidate is not part of the ideology of the party. But, that’s neither here nor there. Moving forward, anyone against Trump winning the nomination needs to start committing to that cause.

Why? For a very simple reason: Donald Trump is a Fascist, at least as close to the very definition that democracy can afford. This is not hyperbole, folks. Fascism is an authoritarian and nationalistic far-right system of government that pushes militarization of its country and citizens. Donald Trump utilizes strict control and suppression of dissent at all his rallies, banishing opponents who speak out against him, denying certain members of the press who are critical of him when reporting. He favors suppression of the free press by threatening to open libel laws to make it easier for Government to sue journalists and news media. He demands protesters be arrested at his rallies for protesting.

Additionally, he touts and pushes the agenda of nationalism by creating opponents and dissenters as the enemy to his followers. He creates an almost militaristic society of citizens behind him when he demands they get tough, and that America gets tough. He doesn’t outright demand a nationalistic, militaristic society, but his rhetoric echoes the sentiment with very sharp and poignant undertones. He’s actively creating a divide of good versus evil based on minority and race affiliation, when he supports mass-deportation, calls that ethicity a group of criminals, rapists and murderers, then turns around and threatens bans on entire religions. He pushes the racial divide by talking about the good old days, where protesters could be oppressed with violence.

And his latest threat? Warning the Republicans that there will be riots if he is not chosen at convention.  Trump’s plan to unite the Republican party and move forward in the election is to threaten violence if he’s not chosen. This isn’t a warning. This is a threat. He’s speaking to his audience, his followers and supporters, when he makes this statement. He’s suggesting what to do if he’s blocked from nomination. Speaking out like that in a public interview – that’s him speaking to America. That’s him telling us what will happen if we reject his nomination. This isn’t democracy he’s playing anymore, he’s clearly crossing the line.

That’s Fascism. And that’s leading the Republican party right now.

So what can stop this? People need to start speaking up, and demand that the GOP take action. We need to contact our elected officials at EVERY level and voice our concerns. We need to contact our GOP officials at the country, district, state, and national level to insist this Fascist be stopped. We can’t have a candidate that uses threats of violence to bully his way into the candidacy. This has reached a fever pitch, and it’s time to start demanding someone stop this. First steps: contact your officials. Demand a pledge to block his nomination. Demand an investigation by the FBI on his warnings of violence if he’s not elected. I can’t see how this is being ignored. Demand the RNC take these threats seriously.

Contact the media, as well. The media (primarily, NBC, ABC, CBS, as well as Fox, MSNBC, and CNN) has failed to report and document the seriousness of Trump’s campaign of violence and hateful rhetoric. If they don’t report these threats by their obligation, then they will continue to fail us. Contact your newspapers. Contact your local media. Urge that they responsibly cover the violent and hateful rhetoric that Trump’s campaign is expending to the public. Responsible reporting and coverage of Trump’s campaign is necessary. No more opinion. No more judgement. No more of anything but direct coverage and direct broadcast of what Trump is saying and the danger behind it.

Next? If you are among the states that still have yet to hold a primary, please do your research on polling for each candidate. If Cruz polls better in your state, vote for Cruz and campaign for Cruz. If Kasich polls better in your state, vote and campaign for Kasich. We’re at a point that saving the election from Trump is more important than voting for our favorite candidate. And for the love of God, please stop voting for candidates that have dropped out, and please urge others to do the same. There is a time and place for making a symbolic statement, and now is not that time or place. Now is the time to unite behind one of the two candidates that polls the best in your state to oppose the Trump vote.

Democrats and Independents, we need your help now more than ever. A record number of your representation voted in Tuesday’s Ohio Primary to give Kasich the edge over Trump. This is the bipartisan effort this country needs to stop Trump from nomination. Currently, Hillary Clinton leads Sanders almost 2-1 in the delegate count. Clinton currently needs a mere 34% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination. Watch the polling for your primary, and if it’s a victory for Clinton or well above 33%, considering voting for the top polling Republican that can take votes away from Trump. If Clinton secures the nomination in the next month, please strongly consider voting against Trump if your state Primary is open.

Many Democrats may be relishing in this current battle being fought by Republicans, but there are reasons you shouldn’t. The first reason being that this country should be represented by the best, no matter what. This country should support nominees who are the best in their respective fields. This means actual alignment in the party of their affiliation. This country needs representatives from both sides in order to keep democracy alive. And right now we’re talking about a Fascist who doesn’t even have close to majority popular vote backing. This should worry each and every one of you, regardless of how strong you believe the Democratic candidate will be, because most states in the election are winner-take-all, and the election is decided by electoral votes, not popular vote.

Trump is taking over the Republican party right now with around 35% of the popular vote. Think about that one. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t even register a single vote in blue states, if he can garner the majority vote in Red and swing states. If he can take the Republican party by force and threat, with just 35% of the vote, what do you think he’ll employ to forcibly take the national election? Tactical voting for Trump in order to have him run against Hillary or Bernie is not a smart move. He needs to be stopped before it gets to that point. So, if you are a Democrat or Independent voting tactically, please don’t underestimate the force of a Fascist candidate.




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