Welcome, everyone.

So, you’ve found yourself here, and you’re not sure why. You may be Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, even Anarchist or Socialist – whatever your ideology may be, you are certain of one thing: Donald Trump is dangerous for this country. Or maybe you’re a supporter of Donald Trump, and you’re reading up on his opposition. Whatever the case may be, all are welcome.

For me – I’m not a political pundit. I don’t consider myself to be an all-in supporter of either side of our current two-party system. I’m a regular citizen and regular voter. I want what is best for our country. Sometimes, party A has the answer. Sometimes, it’s party B. But most of the time, it’s a cooperation of both – something we see so little of these days. However, there are times in our country’s history, as well as present and future, that we have to focus more on our common goals than our differences.

That time is now.

We’re rolling into a presidential election unlike any other in recent history. This one is different because there is a single candidate threatening to undermine democracy, and he needs to be stopped. Democrats dislike him, Republicans dislike him, and most of us know that he is now a very real threat to our country. For the next couple of months, I ask you to put down your weapons against “the other party.” I ask you all to join together collectively, to stop this menace.

The fact of the matter is that we need each other – Republicans and Democrats alike, as well as other minority party members. We all need a yin to our yang. We all need a check to our beliefs. We need an equilibrium between all of the parties to keep this country running. Too much of one side or another is not a fair system to the whole of the country, and we need to recognize that in order to continue to make this the greatest country on earth. We have a responsibility to leave a bright legacy for our children, and their children down the line.

That time, again, is now.

Trump is dangerous. He uses hateful, divisive rhetoric to gain followers. He preys upon the needy and incites prejudice. He doesn’t believe a word that he says, either. He just uses it to bring attention to himself. He has no real policy, just loud talking points. He plans to build a wall and yet, even with his background in planning and overseeing construction of countless high rises and other structures, he gives no real basis or plan to do this. He wants to ban an entire religion, which isn’t even a Constitutional right for anyone to do. He feels that “negotiation” is the best answer for a foreign policy platform. Why? Because he has no real plan.

He supports Planned Parenthood, but commits to defund it. This doesn’t even make sense. If a candidate acknowledged the good that an organization does, why would the candidate commit to defund it? That’s an acknowledgement that those people who it helps don’t matter. He openly advocates to heavily censor the internet, as well as the news media, because they’re not very nice to him. He supports gun control, but wants to ban assault weapons and extend the waiting period for background checks. He claims to be in nobody’s pockets, yet he’s supported countless politicians, lobbyists, bills and campaigns with his own money. He’s in everyone’s pocket, and wants to get into ours.

That’s just a brief summary on who is Donald Trump, politically. I intend to dig further into his complicated political background, and personal intentions in the coming days. Today, though, I ask for every person who sees this man as a danger to this country’s future to stand up and get into action. For the 2/3 of the states that have yet to go through a primary or caucus, please get involved heavily, both against Trump, and for your candidate of choice. Start exposing his borderline fraudulent campaign for what it is – hot air meant to divide the country and bring him more power. We can put a stop to this, and we should. It is our civic duty.

Sure, it may be fun to watch a train wreck at times, but not at the cost of this country’s future. Sometimes you have to stop and say, “no more.” It’s time, guys. Let’s find our country’s dignity again, and stop Donald Trump.


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